About Us

Founded in 2017 in Montreal, Canada, a city whose fashion community and influence grow by the day, heure de sieste was created with the idea of combining elements of street fashion and visual art.

The designs were not all initially made for products. Each one began on paper, be it while commuting, in class, or at home late at night. The sketches combine, distort, and twist proportions of the human body and face - both in an experimental and playful way, while also conveying different thoughts and moods throughout.

Not all sketches make it to a full-product, but those that do are then implemented onto easy to wear, versatile pieces of clothing. Pieces can be put into any type of outfit, be it a classic white short sleeve tee or a black pullover sweatshirt.

With both classic and oversized cuts, heure de sieste is made to fit into any wardrobe and any style, filling the space of both modest everyday items, as well as bold statement pieces displaying the moody hand-drawn designs in full.